February 26, 2012


So these are some cafe sketches that I had in my handy little red sketchbook! It's sad but I'm close to filling it up now...I'm going to miss having it. I guess I'm going to have to get a new one...but I lost my amazon prime so now I wonder how I will go about purchasing a moleskin for $12 again, hmmm.... Haha those moleskins, so expensive. That's why when I use them I try to fill up as much space as possible. Have to suck the value out of that fancy sketchbook. 

Anyways, any critique is always nice! I've been trying to push caricature with people's faces, I'm not quite there yet but hopefully soon. Gotta simplify them shapes! Grah! 

It's the classmate guessing game! Can you tell who is who?

"Ice cream, why are you so cold to me?"

"Look over there!" - "Where?"


My dad has no idea what I'm doing in the backseat, heheh

People sit nice and still when they're drinking coffee.

It's cold in Chicago.

Old asian lady.

Some pretty long heads.

He looked like Usher.

Weee!!! I love my playcolor2 marker.

His hand was really just there, but it wasn't doing anything!

Them chairs....

The cream-puff is not happy to be eaten.
I went marker happy.


  1. What can I say JoAnn? I love them all! Does being awesome get hard sometimes?

  2. your sketchbook pages are just AWESOME!!! keep it up!


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