April 3, 2012

Sketchbook Collage

So these are sections from my sketchbook that I liked and they tell a better visual of what I've been witnessing everyday. I've been trying to push narrative storytelling in a gesture or a pose and have been trying to play around with style. I also went color happy (as always, ha-ha). So I have about three pages of my red sketchbook remaining (and by three I mean each face of the paper), I am so going to miss that sketchbook D: It was so red.

Nanananaa It's Hogwarts! 
Walt Stanchfield, I tried :O

I really like the red shades.

Obtained some more colors besides red and blue! Yeah!

This is cute.

Who's that person lurking in the corner of class? SHE'S THE FACE STALKER! *gasp*


  1. Your drawings are so freakin' adorable! They convey a lot of character, and are always tons of fun. I like the other things that snuck into these collages too, like the flour sack and tiny owls.

  2. I'm in love with all of your portraits and cafe sketches. I can't get over how much personality they have.

  3. Wow I love these! I love how you experiment with different styles, and everything is popping with appeal and color!

  4. I really love your work! Your style is really cool too!


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