September 21, 2013

I tried Waiting

So I went ahead and had a lot of fun with the lighting portion of this! I completely went crazy with the glow (and will definitely try to lighten up and be less abusive of it next time, hee hee).

The first bits that I composited together in Nuke looked a bit too dark for my tastes, so I went back and tried it again! Each computer screen keeps telling me something different, so I'm going to have to learn quite soon on how to calibrate those monitors.

Also, I tried out the Godrays in Nuke. I find that to be a really funny node name.
It's exactly what they are though, light rays that look heavenly.

So here are the first frames:

2nd Batch, according to another computer, I can go even lighter?? Man they probably both look the same, I can't tell on these computers, lol:

Haha I still have a ton to learn! Especially minding those shadows, whooo....


  1. This is Elmo and I'm watching you... O>O

  2. Elmo is crazy, and red.

    That's double trouble right there.


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