May 5, 2012

Dat' Challenge Day 1

So I decided to follow this freshmen(??) CalArts day challenge thing... or more like look at what they are doing and go, "oh! Hey that looks fun, I want to try too!" This is so I keep myself up to date on practicing coloring, drawing, and just pure enjoying art during this summer...or at least for 30 days, ha-ha. 

So the first one is a self-portrait and I really can't see myself at the moment having a self portrait without my cat. I really love her and wish she was here with me right now. We have had tons of nice in-house adventures together and outdoor adventures. I'm dressed in an attire that can work in mild weather, but not the super hot or super cold. It's because Chicago has such fluctuation in weather that I could be in one or the other at any point of the week. Oh and what else~ I was quite inspired by the way Johan Thornqvist (which I randomly found on tumblr) does his pieces by taking a photo, manipulating it to an extent where cartoon and reality can exist together, and create a whole new piece altogether! It's really neat and I think I'll try more of it next time!

Before I forget too~ I went with a mix of "kawaii" and superflat style (basically asian) because heh-heh, I'm pretty asian myself. So I found it working well with a self-portrait :)

"Mimi, do you see that in the sky? It's a gigantic can of Tuna!"


  1. JoAnn, this is super cute. I'm wondering though, what is the CalArts challenge? Like what is the task for each day?

  2. This is so nice and adorable! I love it. And yeah, tell us more about the challenge! O: I would love to follow it too.


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